The novel doughnut is experiencing a transformation, with a whole host of extraordinary flavours and formats popping up all over social media and producers wrestling for consumer attention. That leads us to ask, are your doughnuts Insta-worthy?

Did you know that last year one in two doughnut launches globally were with flavours other than the classic flavours? While traditional favourites such as milk chocolate or strawberry feature on 26.3% and 5.1% of global doughnut launches between July 2016 to Jun 2021, there is plenty of opportunity for new and innovation creations within the doughnut category. Innovations have been most prevalent in Europe, who accounted for 31% of total global doughnut launches in 2021, with Asia showing strongest share growth, according to Innova.

One in five consumers globally have chosen more exotic flavours in the past 12 months. The same proportion are also interested in trying new sensory experiences (e.g., aromas, tastes, textures, colours, sensations). This is all proof that consumers are increasingly open to more adventurous varieties and even open to the blurring of lines between categories.

Get it delivered

One of the key themes which prevailed over the course of the pandemic was that of bakeries utilising delivery methods for consumers. The “ghost kitchen” model, the concept of supplying goods from low-cost industrial premises, has multiplied with huge numbers of doughnut producers supplying Insta-worthy doughnuts solely through Instagram.

Due to their optimal transportability, doughnuts are ideal for home delivery and allows producers to widen their geographic reach. Providing 6, 9, 12, or even 15 packs are ideal for a range of customer types: whether it’s a family party or an office treat, mail-order doughnuts are a hit with a wide range of consumer types. The convenience of this has seen many business maintain this model and communicate through another shop window – Instagram.

Cater for Vegan

While doughnuts may never take on the reputation of being healthy, there is a growing interest in vegan doughnuts, which is driving innovation in the category.

Take American brand Dunkin Donuts for instance, 2021 saw the launch of over 40 vegan doughnuts into their range. They are not the only ones – Canadian doughnut brand Donut Monster Hamilton has incorporated the latest flavours into their vegan doughnut range, including blood orange and hibiscus, cherry and almond and dill pickle.

Bakels Doughnut Solutions

The term “Insta-worthy” is at the heart of our development objectives. Our range has been built with both convenience of application for producers and mouth-watering kerb-appeal for consumers in-mind.

Ongoing campaigns by companies such as British Bakels and Bakels Sweden give local producers the ingredients they need to offer Insta-worthy doughnuts, either through via bricks and mortar or online stores. The range from Bakels gives producers complete solutions: from doughnut concentrates which produce light-eating doughnuts with bold appearance, to ready-to-use fillings and toppings to enhance eating experience and impress in photographs, many of the ingredients are suitable for vegan doughnuts applications.

Feast your eyes on some of our favourite doughnut creations below. Every good doughnut starts with a robust and reliable concentrate, of which we offer both powder and paste concentrates to give you the best foundation to impressing your customers.

A wide range of eye-catching creations from the Bakels team include vegan caramel yum-yums, a convenient way to manage consumer portion sizes, chocolate orange doughnuts which gets influence from chocolate confectionery varieties and ultra-premium saffron doughnuts, plus so much more!

Are you looking to transform your doughnut range?

Sources: Innova: Editor’s Choice – Donuts Product Trends 2021

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