The health of the planet is now the number one global issue of concern and research by Innova finds that consumers aged between 18–45 cite one of their top five actions they have taken in the last 12 months to be more environmentally responsible in their food choices and eating habits.

Coupled with the 43% of consumers who believe flavour has become more important in 2021 (up from 36% in 2020), according to Innova, companies around the Group are launching ingredients which cater for each of these consumer preferences.

Chockex, the brand name previously only used by southern hemisphere Bakels companies is now the umbrella brand which includes the range of non-tempering chocolate. Products are being manufactured by Bakels Sweden, Bakels Australia or South Bakels, in a move to build global recognition for the high-quality chocolate products.

Dark, Light, Dark Vegan Palm-free and the stand-out Ruby varieties, which is made from ruby cocoa beans that are selected for its attributes which naturally emphasise the delicious berry flavour and pink colour, are all excellent for decorating sweet goods as a coating or dipping and suitable for a wide scale of production including industrial applications. Balancing sustainability and indulgence is a collective vision as a wider Group, which the Chockex brand represents.

To further enhance the Bakels sustainability credentials and meet customer requirements and market needs, only segregated palm oil certified by RSPO is used in Chockex and Truffles by Bakels Sweden. Håkan Hulander, Technical Manager at Bakels Sweden comments:

“The goal is to be top of mind when it comes to this segment. That is why we will continue to improve these ranges and continuously place new products aligned to the various local and domestic markets we serve.”

The indulgent theme continues into Latin America with the introduction of a range of Ganache products in Brazil. Factors including premiumisation and assorted products are propelling value growth across this region, attributes the new product introductions serve. Although growing from a low base, seasonal/in-out products are increasing in positioning in Brazil, with the Ganache lending themselves perfectly to adapt to different sweet goods throughout the year.

As a flavour which dominates NPD launches between April 2018–March 2021 in the region, milk chocolate is included in the range, which also includes a hazelnut variety and with the full range offering crispy texture advantages for the consumer.

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