This year, Pantone®, the colour experts, have made Viva Magenta 18-750 its colour of the year. As “an unconventional shade for an unconventional time,” we explore what it means and how products from around the Bakels Group can compliment this 2023 theme.

The Pantone Colour of the Year selection process is a culmination of macro-level colour trends by the Pantone Colour Institute year-round and manifests in influential industries such as fashion, home interiors and more.

Pantone say Viva Magenta is “brave and fearless, and a pulsating colour whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration.” Rooted in nature descending from the red family and expressive of a new signal of strength, colour psychologists say it “screams sophistication, compassion, and mystery” and encourages experimentation and self-expression.

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Image: Pantone®

The meaning behind Viva Magenta

In our Global Trends in Bakery 2023, we discussed “the new consumer proposition – living a balanced life” and the meaning behind Viva Magenta aligns with a similar sentiment. As we balance digital and physical lives, there is an underlying appreciation and awareness of the natural world and Viva Magenta nods towards our pull on natural colours as the importance of topics such as sustainability, climate change and land protection intensifies.

Fuelled too by a variety of lifestyle trends such as plant-based diets and deeper attention on physical and mental wellbeing as a result of the public health crises, Pantone observed this heightened appreciation and awareness of nature.

The shade of red expands our horizons of authenticity and stems from the mergence of richness, warmth and strength of natural matters with the rich, open outlook of the digital world.

Colour psychology of Viva Magenta

The red family are powerful colours that celebrate life. Pantone cite Viva Magenta as “a bright, crimson red, which balances boldness with a feeling of fun.” The acceleration of globalisation, sparked by increased tech adoption, has connected us closer with eachother and speaks to our desire to take on new challenges and sample the unconventional.

This year’s colour of the year motivates us all to weather the various long-term events facing us and fuels us with both the power and grace we need to stride forward.

Red influence in bakery

Viva Magenta is welcomed into the red family and we take inspiration from its experimental shade, which is inclusive of all and bakery provides a hotbed of possibilities to showcase this palette.

Some people feel positively empowered by colour. Others find this by enjoying sweet bakery treats. Our products and recipes offer your customers both at once. As specialists in sweet bakery, we called upon various ingredients from around the Bakels Group to demonstrate their strong visual alignment to this colour family, providing inspiration to bakers around the world.

Cosmopolitan Doughnut

Bakbel Europe produce a wide range of fruit fillings in Belgium. This includes a range of robust RTU Mocktail fillings under the Les Fruits product brand. This deep red variety includes juicy cranberry pieces to align with Cosmopolitan theme.

Raspberry Caramel Slice

Raspberry Millionaires Caramel is free from palm oil, contains a natural flavouring and encompasses all the textural qualities of traditional Millionaires Caramel. This twist on traditional chimes with the unconventional theme inspired by Viva Magenta.

Cherry Popsicle Entremet

Suited to fine patisserie applications, Apito Strawberry Paste works well in combination with Neutral Gelo for these delicious Cherry Popsicle Entremets.

Love Letter Danish Pastry

Fruit Fillings provide an injection of colour, flavour and texture and nothing says this more than the delicious 70% Strawberry Fruit Filling. Strawberry tops leading fruit flavours in bakery* and a staple favourite through Spring/Summer.

Ruby Almond Biscuit

Ruby Chockex is an alternative to regular chocolate, ideal for coating, dipping and more. Ruby Truffle is a silky smooth ready-to-use truffle suitable as a topping, filling and decoration. Both are made with the natural Ruby cocao bean and deliver a vibrant colour punch to any sweet bakery product.

Double-Happiness Wedding Cake

Producing a first class finish to sweet patisserie products, Diamond Glitter Glaze is a high quality cold application glaze which is ready-to-use and suitable for a wide range of pastries and desserts with eye-catching visual appeal.

Red Velvet

We cannot discuss the beautiful red palette without referencing the American classic, Red Velvet. Red Velvet Cake Mix from Bakels Brazil produces an elegant deep red colour and a hint of chocolate flavour, suitable for original cake products and much more, as showcased by our colleagues in China with their Red Velvet Biscotti recipe in the image above.

Raspberry Lamington

Lamington originated in Queensland in Australia as early as the 1900s and has since inspired bakery assortments around the world. A popular variety is Raspberry Lamington, like that from South Bakels, made with the versatile Snowball Mix. Bakers across the world continue to push the boundaries of traditional, so other flavours continue to emerge to delight innovation-hungry consumers.

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* Data: Innova – Trends in Fruit Flavours (Global, 12 months ending Q1 2022).

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