Bakels India have marked the opening of their new Baking Centre with an auspicious ceremony, the latest addition to the Groups’ Baking Centres around the world.

The new Centre, located in Mumbai, is an experiential space that will deepen partnerships with Craft, Artisanal and Industrial bakery customers. The creative environment will enable the development and testing of new product concepts, all using Bakels’ world-class array of ingredients. The Centre will also serve as the new headquarters for Bakels India and becomes the ninth Baking Centre of its kind within the Bakels Group.

Located in the heart of the City, a 40-minute drive from the airport, the Centre also features offices, conference and meeting room facilities and a relaxed cafeteria, perfect for blue sky idea creation. The meeting room, which can accommodate a large group for meetings and presentations, also provides an excellent view of the adjacent Baking Centre, collectively a space to turn ideas into reality.

The Centre is fully equipped with industrial ovens, mixers, refrigeration, quick-freezing and ample storage, to demonstrate all aspects of bakery products – bread, cake and confectionery. Customers can engage in live baking sessions with facilities for co-creating recipes jointly with Bakels’ skilled team of hands-on chefs. With the latest IT equipment, video conferencing enables professional innovation sessions with customers where ever they are.

In addition to the customer-facing areas, an R&D facility aids in testing and developing products to ensure the very highest standards are maintained.

The investment marks yet another committment to Bakels customers around the world across industry sectors, providing a collaborative and supportive approach to product development.