Bakels invest in new facility in the Netherlands, including the latest state-of-the-art addition to the global Baking Centre lineup. 

The new and modern facility for Bakels Senior, the Group’s most established company, is situated in the heart of the town of Zeewolde in the Flevoland province and boasts a range of production and customer-focussed areas to serve the Dutch commercial bakery market.

The fully-equipped Baking Centre provides the perfect setting to welcome customers of any size for innovation days, digital workshops, concept development, customer training and product trials. All underpinned by Bakels’ Group mission to “help our customers sell more,” the Centre allows Bakels Senior to partner with customers throughout the entire product launch process.

Production capabilities at the new site include double-cone blending capabilities, suitable for a wide range of ingredient manufacturing, along with packing lines for retail-suitable products.

A modern facility with open and bright rooms means an exceptional hygiene standard throughout, as well as breeding innovation and new ideas both in collaboration with customers and between Bakels colleagues.

As a Group continuously investing in future growth, the same goes for our approach to the environment. The entire site is built with this in mind, with targets set to achieve carbon neutrality. The significant investment by Bakels Group marks yet another commitment to customers around the world to providing a collaborative and supportive approach to product development.